Cojali University division gathers all the training offer of Cojali, from courses traditionally taught on-site to e-learning training or webinars. In this way, Cojali has adapted to the new needs and it facilitates accessible, universal and quality content for any professional in the sector.


On-site training

More than 11,000 professionals from 40 different countries have benefited from our training in order to meet all their training needs and be able to deal with the resolution of vehicle failures in the most competitive way.

Our differentiation is based on the vast experience and professionalism of our trainers and the careful selection of the most adequate training material for technicians, where they can find courses applied to commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment.

e-learning: more accessible training

For the last years, Cojali has also been committed to offering training within everyone’s reach, anytime and anywhere.

For this reason, we are investing in the digitalisation of contents and its hosting in online platforms. In this way, we ensure that everybody interested in our formative programs can consult all contents before, during and after the course and apply them on their daily work.

e-learning: more accessible training


The latest bet of Cojali to promote the access of all professionals of the sector to training includes web seminars, also known as webinars. They are interactive and live courses that can be accessed online from any part of the world. The aim is to faithfully reproduce what a classroom course would be, but without the students having to travel.

Find out our webinar calendar and join the new training era.

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