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      1. Why choose the COJALI brand?

      Some advantages of choosing products of our brand are:

      1. More than 40,000 online cross-references and more than 15,000 references for all types of vehicles and brands. All available in only one purchase process.
      2. Our products undergo a demanding quality procedure that you can know in detail in Manufacturing process
      3. Testing of the 100% of the components.
      4. OEM quality. Important component manufacturers trust Cojali.
      5. More than 30 years of experience manufacturing components for the commercial vehicle sector.
      6. Customised technical support.
      7. Deliveries in record time.
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      2. Are the products of the COJALI brand sold directly to workshops and fleets?

      The COJALI products are only commercialised through official distributors. Workshops and fleets must go to these official distributors to acquire COJALI products.

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      3. Where can I buy its products? Are drop shipments possible?

      The COJALI products are commercialised through our network of official distributor in more than 115 countries. If you do not know where your closest local distributor is, you just have to consult us by writing to or calling to national tel.: +34 926 58 90 38 or international tel.: +34 926 27 06 21. If you prefer, you can share your query with us here and we will contact you to resolve it.

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      4. As a workshop or a transport company, how can I find a local distributor of COJALI?

      You can check where your closest distributor is by writing to or calling to national tel.: +34 926 58 90 38 – international tel.: +34 926 27 06 21. We will offer you all the information you need precisely to facilitate your purchase process.

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      5. How can I be distributor of COJALI products?

      COJALI official distributors offer our products to their clients in more than 115 countries. If you are interested in becoming part of the distribution network, use this Contact Form. We will study together how to establish a successful relationship.

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      6. How does COJALI ensure a constant and high quality in its products?

      In COJALI, all our components undergo extensive and demanding quality processes and we take care of every detail of the manufacturing process, from the design, the selection of raw material, the inspection process, the assembly development, the testing phase and finally the delivery.
      All of it with a thorough traceability through an ERP completely developed by COJALI. Know more details about this process in Manufacturing process.

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      7. Do you offer training plans?

      Yes, in COJALI we have specific facilities and an extensive training plan in constant evolution in which you can find electricity courses in commercial vehicle, pneumatic, engine types, gearboxes, comfort systems, trailers, agricultural vehicles, light vehicles, as well as courses for specific brands.
      You can know them in detail in COJALI UNIVERSITY. If you are interested in attending any of them or scheduling it specifically for your company fill out this form..

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      8. Is it possible to visit COJALI?

      Our commitment to customised treatment makes COJALI a welcoming and inviting company. Therefore, if you are interested in our products and solutions, we can arrange a visit to the head office in Campo de Criptana (Spain). You can include your data in the following Contact Form and our commercial team will contact you.

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      9. Can a sales agent of COJALI visit me?

      If you want to know our products, solutions and services first hand, we can pay you a visit to explain you the advantages of working with Cojali. You can make an appointment with the COJALI sales agent of your area by filling out this Contact Form.

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      10 How can I send an application to COJALI to become an employee or an intern?

      If you want to become part of the COJALI family, contact us through the section Work with us, we will be more than happy to study all options.

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      1. Where can I search and identify products? How does the product search work?

      Access Online Catalogue and select the type of product that you need by clicking on the corresponding family. You can also search by vehicle type and brand. Finally, if you know the product reference, enter it directly in the search bar, its results will show you the exact cross-references and some suggestions of similar components.

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      2. How can I acquire your products?

      To acquire any of our products, contact your closest distributor. You can check which one it is by writing to or calling to national tel.: +34 926 58 90 38 – international tel.: +34 926 27 06 21. If you prefer, you can share your query with us Contact Form and we will contact you to offer you all the information you need with the aim of facilitating your purchase process.

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      1. What product families does COJALI offer?

      The COJALI brand covers a wide range of components for commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and special equipment, from cooling systems, brake and suspension systems, transmission and power systems or repair kits, to electric and electronic components. Furthermore, we offer a Reman range to repair any damaged component, extending its useful life and allowing the final customer to save operating costs. You can find all the information in the Product families section or through the Online Catalogue section.

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      2. Where are the products manufactured?

      All COJALI products have the ISO 9001 quality certificate and are designed, manufactured, assembled and checked in Spain, specifically in our facilities in Campo de Criptana, where more than 450 people work, among which around 200 are engineers engaged to the development of our components

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      3. How much does a product cost?

      The retail price of each product can be consulted through our Online Catalogue. If you are a distributor, consult your purchase conditions accessing your private area or contacting your COJALI sales agent, who will inform you precisely about occasional offers and innovations.

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      4. Can you help me find the right product?

      Our COJALI sales agents offer customised counselling to each distributor through the usual communication channels. If you are workshop staff, address your doubts to the distributor and we will help them to answer you.

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      5. Where can I find technical data/information and characteristics of the products?

      Access Online Catalogue to find all the information, characteristics and corresponding technical data associated with each reference, as well as images in detail. However, if you need any additional information, contact us through any of our channels or fill out the Contact Form.

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      6. Do you offer assistance for the installation or technical advice?

      Our Technical Support Department works to solve any doubt related to mechanics, electronics or electricity. Our professionals will indicate you in an easy and guided way the better way to reach the solution to the problem. If you need our assistance, contact us by writing to or calling to national tel.: +34 926 58 90 38 – international tel.: +34 926 27 06 21

      Moreover, COJALI has developed i-Parts Assist, an online innovative Support Program that will guide you in the installation and programming of the components in an easy and fast way. Find out all its advantages here.

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      7. Where can I order the catalogues?

      You can find the free digital version of the catalogues in our section of Downloads by filling out an easy form.

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      1. Where can I consult the information about the availability of a product?

      If you are a distributor, you can access Online Catalogue and check the availability of each product according to the legend:

      1. Green: Available product, ready to send.
      2. Orange: Product with limited availability, subject to query with your COJALI sales agent.
      3. Red: Out of stock.

      The information related to the availability is updated every 24 hours, therefore, the status of the product that you need can vary from day to day.

      If you are a workshop or a final customer, contact directly with your local official distributor to obtain information about availability and estimated delivery time.

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      2. With what transport agency does COJALI work and when do I get the products?

      In COJALI we work with recognised national and international transport agencies as Seur, Tourline, Tipsa, Transhaer, DHL, TNT or FedEx. Our customers have the possibility of choosing any of them according to the delivery time, the service, weight and cost. In general terms, any of them can deliver our goods within 24 hours in the European Union and between 28 hours and 5 days in the rest of the world depending on the order and the country.

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      3. I have a problem with an order/delivery. What should I do?

      Each order placed to COJALI comes with additional information about the delivery time, depending on the product availability at the moment of the purchase, the chosen agency, etc. Once the order has left our facilities, and in case there were any problems with the receipt, COJALI provides you with the expedition number to track the package. If this is insufficient, from COJALI we contact the agency to manage the incidence and inform you punctually.

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      1. How much warranty do the COJALI products have?

      The products of the COJALI brand have a 12-month warranty.

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      2. How do I claim or return a product?

      If you are a COJALI official distributor, you can request a return by contacting your COJALI sales agent. If you are a workshop, please, consult our sales conditions and contact the distributor from whom you bought the product so that they can process your claim.

      Claims of used parts will not be accepted and the return acceptance will be conditional on the perfect state of the packaging and part inside it.

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      3. Where can I find the warranty conditions of the products of the COJALI brand?

      You can find the warranty conditions in the Sales Conditions and all our catalogues

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